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Sound Design Workshop

“Make pictures come to life with sound”


Out of the five senses that man possesses, Hearing is probably the most abstract and yet, it has proved to be most effective especially when used in combination with a strong visual. It operates at the sub conscious level and its impact is long lasting and strong. In our media driven world, the management of Sound in all presentations has taken on a new meaning and its importance has been recognized by all major directors of Motion pictures and Television. Today, the art of Sound Design finds itself, even in the production of every computer and video game you come across, not to mention theatrical productions, Web sites, and radio dramas.   


Sound design is as old as talking movies, but it really became a serious full-time profession when the use of sound was brought to new heights in films such as Apocalypse Now and Star Wars in the mid-1970s. In India, with the rise of multiplexes with Dolby, DTS Surround equipment, Sound design is finally being recognized by the Bollywood Industry as a crucial aspect of filmmaking. As the industry develops, the importance of good Sound design in all media presentations is becoming apparent to all decision makers and sound-design work is available for virtually every form of visual entertainment.


The Workshop

The concept of Sound design will be explained to the participants and how it is brought to the big and small screens through practical demonstrations in the studio. The creation, manipulation, organization of nonmusical sonic elements like door slams, cricket chirps, computer beeps, lasers firing and ships exploding in science-fiction games, monster sounds or waves lapping gently against creaky docks will be demonstrated.


The seven day workshop will guide the participants to determine what sounds are needed, collect the raw sonic materials, manipulate and edit the sounds, integrate them into the project, revise until satisfied or time runs out, mix the sounds, and deliver the finished product to the client. The creation of these sound layers, combined with dialogue and music during the mix would finally go towards creating the finished presentation as seen by the public.


The participants would be given the use of the studio with operators so that they can create their own soundscapes as a project. By the end of the workshop, they should have a solid understanding of the technical and artistic elements that go into successful sound design.  .  


Conducted by:

Avinash Oak, senior recordist, ex-Western Outdoor,

Nandu Bhende-music composer, Insync Studios

Uday Chitre, senior recordist, ex-Western Outdoor


Dates: to be announced


Workshop Coordinator: Nandu Bhende

Fees: Rs 6000



Film students, Sound Recording students, Video students, Media Houses & students, Game & Animation Corporate Houses & students, Internet & Multimedia students, Theatre students, Advertising personnel, Event Managers, Musicians& Music students, FM & TV channel personnel, Audio-visual students



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